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Dean A. Ruedrich

Contractor License #42551

Certified Jahn installer


“I’ll take an old house and massage it back into use.

I want the house to feel like it has always been maintained and never restored.”

Dean Ruedrich

“Protecting the Past”, featuring Dean Ruedrich, William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil, Myrick Howard, and Margaret Klutz

Southern Accents Magazine, September – October 2005

Timber Frame Workshop
Robson House wall section

Timber frame workshop for the Museum of History Thomas Day Exhibit

Robson House (1742) wall sections being moved into the N.C. Museum of History

Dean Alan Ruedrich has over 22 years of experience in the historic building trades and is one of the few gravestone conservators practicing in North Carolina. A licensed general contractor, educator and dedicated artisan, Dean has been privileged to work on some of the state’s most significant buildings and cemeteries. He has also enjoyed working with some of the most ardent stewards of historic preservation in our state – from small nonprofit historic preservation organizations to the NC State Historic Preservation Office. Dean is owner of Ruedrich Restorations

and winner of the 1998 Robert Stipe award, the highest honor given for professional excellence in historic preservation in North Carolina.


Ruedrich Restorations provides consulting and restoration contracting services to private individuals, businesses, nonprofits and public agencies.  Consulting services are available for cemetery and building restoration projects whether they are in the planning or implementation stage.  Consulting charges are billed on an hourly basis, plus travel expenses.

Contracting services are available for partial or complete restoration projects, as well as for the academic reconstruction of historic buildings. Because of the unique nature of historic building and gravestone resources, a proposal and cost estimate can be provided upon a complete evaluation of the project.

Ruedrich Restorations is well-versed in the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the North Carolina Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program, and can provide assistance with the rehabilitation or restoration of properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, or that are located in National Register or local historic districts. Ruedrich Restorations also has extensive experience with properties protected by conservation and preservation easements and can advise those who are considering placing their property under such easements.

Old Beaufort Burying Ground Obelisks

Old Beaufort Burying Ground, Beaufort, North Carolina

Oval Ballroom Fayetteville


Ruedrich Restorations is part of a close network of historic preservation professionals operating across North Carolina. No matter what your need, we can provide you with an appropriate referral.


A list of references is available upon request.

The Oval Ballroom (ca.1819)

restoration in Fayetteville, NC

was recognized with a Preservation

North Carolina Carraway Award.